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Ethan Holcomb
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ZDC Live Idea

Postby Ethan Holcomb » Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:21 am

Tonight Josh, Brad, Rick, and I were all talking about the last ZDC Live event in October 2012. Rick and Brad explained how it worked with fight strips, virtual tower setup, and the other projections across the conference room. But they also mentioned a hefty price tag, which isn't favorable for many of us. So Josh and I were wondering how much it would actually be for ZDC to host an event at/close to an airport (most likely IAD or DCA). Rick said last time that they held it at the Dulles Marriott, which now quotes roughly $400 for a conference room for a day. If we had 20 people, it would be $20/person for a full day of controlling ZDC. Again, this is a "rough" quote so it is not exact for everything we need (printers, projectors, etc.). And if you would want to spend the night, Marriott offers discounts on rooms if a few "out of town" people would want to spend the night. Other ideas could be booking a conference room/classroom at a university in the DC area. I was just wondering if anyone would want to do a ZDC live event or if anyone has other suggestions!
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Re: ZDC Live Idea

Postby Rick Rump » Fri Jul 22, 2016 3:06 pm

I am probably going to be looking at the last weekend of June or 2nd or 3rd weekend of July. Found pretty good rates at the Dulles Hyatt for a room, but we will probably have something ready to send out to everyone so I can get an RFP once we have an approximate head count.

Where we choose to do the event will have a Saturday Real Ops Live Event, like our last live event. Expect it to be an EIGHT hour block.
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