MBI 15-05: Controller Information

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MBI 15-05: Controller Information

Postby Rick Rump » Thu Feb 12, 2015 3:27 pm


In accordance with http://www.vatsim.net/documents/global- ... ion-policy ZDC Controller information will now mirror this format:
Line 1: Callsign
Line 2 (For TRACON): Coverage area.
Line 2 (For anyone who has an S2 rating and above): PDC in use. If unable please advise.
Line 3: Feedback link.
Line 4: Secondary information.

Washington Center
I do not control JFK, LGA, EWR or PHL. PDC in use, if unable plz advise.
Feedback? vzdc.org/feedback.php?type=add or e-mail: datm@vzdc.org
ZDC NOTAMS: vzdc.org/notams.php

About ATISes(ATISi?)
ATISes should not include information about real world information. I.E., nothing about birds or cranes. We do encourage usage of simulating RL runway closures, so those should be in the ATIS. Obviously for DCA the ATIS MUST INCLUDE a notice regarding P56!

Please let GF or I know if you have any questions.
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