How New Inventions Evolve...

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How New Inventions Evolve...

Postby Kyle Rodgers » Mon Feb 07, 2011 5:20 pm

My boss sent me a link to a Security+ article for study for next week's class and at the bottom was a link to articles from the past about the USSR, so of course, I clicked on it as most of the articles were aircraft-related.

One of the articles was a November 1951 issue with an article on "Soviet Speeders"

After reading the article, I kept looking through it and saw the part about "Aids to Modern Living" and started to laugh to myself because compared to today, these things are pretty simple (and some incredibly 42 in the link). The one that caught my eye though, was this:

Ear muffs - for quiet, not warmth - may become a common sight at airports when roaring jet liners go into commercial service. A British ground crewman models a pair at left as he faces the jet air intakes of a de Havilland Comet (it's okay, the engines are off). This plane is expected to begin regular flights on the London-Cairo route soon.

"Aids to Modern Living." Popular Science.
Nov. 1951: 142-144. Print.

It just struck me as odd. Something that, today, you'd get warnings from your supervisor and OSHA for not wearing, back then was a new invention...
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